Poultry breeding is a branch of disciplined entansive breeding. Thus, it needs intensive knowledge for preparing the feed matrix accordance to the multi-parameter indicators including, age, sex, breed, climating condidtions, etc... Our company has such experience to formulate your feed matrix by considering the special conditions that your flocks are actually exposed.  The special conditions which actually effecting your flocks determines the feed demands of your poultry. Experienced technical staff should evaluate the special feed demands of your flocks. Then we have to learn the basal feed ingredients that you actually have for preparing feed. Our experienced staff will prepare your feed formula and then the formula of our complex premix which is special for only evaluated flocks. In other word, each complex premix formula will wary according to the special need for your flock and basal feed ingredients you have. All the supplementary vitanins, minerals, amino acids, growth enhancers, enzymes, natural antimicrobials, tonics and immune stimulants are included in the SMART COMPLEX PREMIXES. Each product is formulated after determining the actual demands of your flock.

-Perfect formula for demand of feeding of tour special condiditoned flock that previously evaluated by our experts.
-No waste or production loss during feed preparing.

-Energy, personel and time saving for your company.

-Health promotion and profit increment.

- Our company is responsible for giving you your feed formula and matrix values.

SMART COMPLEX PREMÄ°XES have dinamic contents, and each is prepared special for your flock demand will wary from another one folock. The exact need of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, growth enhancers, natural antimicrobials, trace elements, etc...

Layer:: 25 Kg/TON
Parents:: 25 Kg/TON
Broiler : 25 Kg/TON

25 Kg in polyethylene or craft bags.. 

Keep in dry, cold and dark place for only 24 mo. before use.

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