Product Name: CONCENTRATED FEED (%30)

About Product 

(300 Kg. of CONCENTRATED FEED from SMART+ 700 Kg of maize or wheat from Farmer= Complete Feed.

General Perspective.

The most easy and economical way for preparing the best formulated poultry feed depends on high scientific and technical assistance capacity. We offer this capacity with our concentrated feeds. This methıd is appeared to be the most effective way of the perfect feeding of poultry. We offer our scientific and technical capacity to the farmers for making feed formulations at most accurate rate. Before all, our technical staff should be fully informed about your flocks and stocks. After this informations, the technical staff will determine the exact nutritive demands of the poultry. Then feed matrix and content will be made. The most sensitively prepared and mixed portion of the feed formulation wil be prepared as feed concentrate. This feed concentrate consists of 30 % of the whole feed. Other part of the feed consist of a total of 70% of wheat and/or maize. 

Why Feed concentrate?

-You don't have to spend effort for buying about 2- to 30 different feed ingredient or additive. You only need 2 or 3 basal feed ingredients which will make 70% of the feed mix.

-You do not have to construct complex feed factory.

-You do not have to have experineced feed making staff.

-You always will be assisted by our technical staff when you have feed borne problems, or else...

 -Your feed formulations will be revised actually based on the poultry and flock conditions.

SMART FEED CONCENTRATE (300 Kg, %30) should be mixed with maize or wheat (700 KG, 70%) for making a complete feed. 

50 KG of Polietilen Bags

Keep dry, cold and dark place for only 24 mo. 

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