Calf, Lamb and Goat to Help Prevent and Treat Diarrhea


Smart Biyolive is a product tha supports the digestive system healht of calves, lambs and goats and is summary;

-Supports the protection from early diarrhea

-Supports healthy rumen development

-Supports early eating transition and early growth

-It helps to prevent early age losses

-Benefits from feed increase

-Increases resistance to diseases

-Feed passages increase tolerance to stress conditions such a vaccination, treatment, hot and cold.

-Reduce the risk of lactic acidosis.


Probiotics (<1x1010 CFU/g, 1%)

Bioferments (50%)

Prebiotics (49%)



Smart Biyolive: It recommended that calves, lambs and goats be fed everyday for 2 months from 3rd they of their lives.

Fort he calves: 20 gram, 3 times a day

With the aim of supporting diarrheal treatment: 10 grams, once a day

Newborn for 60 days from day 3rd.

Smart Biyolive (25 kg): It is used by adding 0.5 kg of one tone of calf, lamb and goat feed.

Packing: In 1 kg plastic packages or 25 kg in craft bags.

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