Smart ProLive is a product which protects the gastrointestinal health in a natural way.


  1. It is a special product for poultry.
  2. Digestive system is put under maximum protection with prebiotic and enzyme supplements to probiotics.
  3. Prevents problems like diarrhea, undigested feed, intestinal injury and bowel laziness.
  4. It supports economic farming and food security.
  5. Strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to diseases.
  6. Egg yield increases and feed consumption is reduced.
  7. Reduces dirty and hidden crack rate in eggs.
  8. Supports the protective and therapeutic applications.
  9. Reduces poultry-house ammonia level.
  10. Reduces carcass fat, and increases meat quality.
  11. Increases the effectiveness of the vaccines.
  12. Prevents throwing raw.
  13. Reduces salmonella porter.


1. PROBIOTICS (10 g) : L. acidophilus, P. acidilactici, B. subtilis (each at least 1x1010 CFU/Kg). Includes adjunct and CE culture.

2. PREBIOTICS (300 g): Inulin (100 g), MOS (200 g),

3. ENZYMES (In 100 g conveyer): Xylanase (2,200.000 BXU/Kg), Cellulase (270.000 FPUi/Kg), Glucanase (100,000 FBG/Kg), Phytase (1.000.000 PPU/Kg),

4. CONVEYER: Oligosaccharides (590 g).

USAGE: It is enough to give 50 g daily for 10.000 chicks and chickens.

               During the day, it is given for 6-8 hours by adding into the water or feed.

PACKAGING: 50 gr in 1 box * There are 20 pieces.

STORAGE: The product should be kept sealed in the original packaging in cool and dry places that do not receive sunlight.

SHELF LIFE: 12 months from the date of manufacture.

This is not medicine. It is a feed premix. It cannot be used for the purpose of treatment.


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