SMART RED ve SMART YELLOW (Egg yolk color stabilizers)

Egg yolk color changes with many conditions including animal origin, breeding conditions, feed matrix etc.

Due to the fluctuant changes in egg yolk color, color enhancer additives are proposed to be added to the feed matrix constantly. So, consumer demand can be net easily.

SMART RED and SMART YELLOW are two different preparads and can be used at 1 Kg rate for each to have a constant yolk color. Nevertheless, the minimun needed amount from each under each of different breeding and feed based conditions have been experienced by our technical staff and we can offer the minimun needed amounts after consultation with the breeders about the live stock.


SMART RED: 0.5-1 Kg/TON Feed.

SMART YELLOW: 0.5-1 Kg/TON Feed.

Portions and storage:

0.5, 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 Kg of cartoon box, keep dark, dry and cold place max. 24 mo. before use.

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