Rumen development and microflora balance are vital for ruminants. All kinds of negativity affecting the animal will also have an adverse effect on the balance of rumen and other gastrointestinal microflora. In these cases, additional rumen support is needed. SMART RUMİLİVE has been developed by utilizing natural microflora of rumen. It will be easier to raise healthy calves if the product is used from the 3rd day of life. It is recommended to be taken with feed throughout their lives. It supports having healthy and highly productive herd thanks to included live microflora and biofermenters.


The benefits of SMART RUMİLİVE, a product that supports gastrointestinal health and consequently overall health, are summarized below: 

Early feed transition and growth thanks to a healthy rumen development.

Reduction in food indigestion thanks to a healthy rumen activity.

Increase in throughput performance and feed efficiency.

Resistance to diseases.

Decrease in diarrhea developed depending on the use of antibiotics or disease.

Increase in stool quality, reduction in the amount.

Increase tolerance to stress situations, such as food passage, vaccination, treatment, change of location, hot and cold.

Reduction in the risk of lactic acidosis. 


SMART RUMİLİVE PREMIX consists of active substances, produced by live microflora and rumen microflora, and extracted by bioprocesses. 

The main ingredients:

Total Bacteria Count: 1x1010 CFU/g

1. Probiotics (1%)

2. Bioferments (50%)

3. Digestive enzymes (1%)

Support foods (48%):

Usage: SMART RUMLİVE PREMIX / FEED FORM: It is 1 kg per ton feed and 10 g per animal per day.

SMART RUMİLİVE DRINKING WATER FORM :In order to support health in sudden digestive disorders, it is added to drinking water of 20 g three times a day per animal, and once a day for protective purposes in healthy animals.

Packaging: 25 kg craft bags / In 1 kg plastic packages



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