SMART VitaPlus: Vitamin-Mineral-Aminoacid-Prebiotic


VITAMIN A 30.000.000 IU/kg
VITAMIN D3 5.000.000 IU/kg
VITAMIN E 30.000 mg/kg
VITAMIN K3 10.000 mg/kg
VITAMIN C 150.000 mg/kg
VITAMIN B1 20.000 mg/kg
VITAMIN B2 25.000 mg/kg
VITAMIN B6 2.000 mg/kg
VITAMIN B12 10 mg/kg
FOLIC ACID 1.000 mg/kg
NICOTINAMIDE 30.000 mg/kg
D-PANTOTHENATE 10.000 mg/kg
D-BIOTIN 40 mg/kg
ZINC 840 mg/kg
COPPER 600 mg/kg
SELENIUM 20 mg/kg
DL-METHIONINE 20.000 mg/kg
Na PROPIONATE 50.000 mg/kg
Mg SULFATE 10.000 mg/kg
NaOHCO3 300.000 mg/kg
LACTOSE 282.090 mg/kg

USAGE: It is used by adding to the feed or the drinking water of poultry, ruminant and equine animals in order to meet the need of vitamin, minerals and amino acids and as a preservative. It provides a homogeneous distribution by melting very easy with the effervescent feature.

*In poultry flocks, it is enough to give 50 g in a day for 10 tons live weight.

*In other animals, the following quantities are given daily for at least 3 days:

  • Up to 20 kg live weight: 1 g
  • For 20-50 kg live weight: 1,5 g
  • For 50-100 kg live weight: 2 g
  • For 100-200 kg live weight: 3 g
  • For 200 and above kg live weight: 4 g

PACKAGING: Aluminum foil packaging in 2, 4, 10, 20 and 50 g and cartoon boxes in 1 kg.

STORAGE: Keep with sealed packaging in cool and moisture free places that do not receive direct sunlight.

SHELF LIFE:  12 Months

This is not medicine. It is a feed premix. It cannot be used for the purpose of treatment.


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