SMART VitaPlus: Vitamin-Mineral-Aminoacid-Prebiotic


 It is used by adding to the feed or the drinking water of poultry, ruminant and equine animals in order to meet the need of vitamin, minerals and amino acids and as a preservative. It provides a homogeneous distribution by melting very easy with the effervescent feature.

*In poultry flocks, it is enough to give 50 g in a day for 10 tons live weight.

*In other animals, the following quantities are given daily for at least 3 days:

  • Up to 20 kg live weight: 1 g
  • For 20-50 kg live weight: 1,5 g
  • For 50-100 kg live weight: 2 g
  • For 100-200 kg live weight: 3 g
  • For 200 and above kg live weight: 4 g

PACKAGING: Aluminum foil packaging in and 50 g and  boxes in 1 kg. 



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